Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mayor Burchett Takes His Turn!

Mayor Burchett presented his 2012/2013 budget recommendation yesterday. No surprise to anyone (including the School Board or Superintendent, I am sure) that the request for $35 million this year was not located. It was not located because it would take new revenue (raising either property tax or another quarter cent of the sales tax). In this Obama economy, new revenue is not an option.

Last week, City of Knoxville Mayor Rogero although she and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett would not considered on the same side of political philosophy also did not recommend new revenue for the city tax payers. So, both sides as evidenced by both Mayor's evidently believe that no increase in taxes is possible in this economy.

Mayor Burchett's budget now goes to the 11 member Knox County Commission for hearings and a vote by the end of the month. We will keep you posted as best we can.

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