Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WBIR Reports That Judge Baumgartner Has Been Arrested

The biggest story since the state regulators shut Jake and C.H. Butcher, Jr.'s banks down continues. WBIR reports here that TBI agents have arrested former Judge Richard Baumgartner on federal charges.


Keeping Them Honest said...

Don B...his attorney knew ALL of this....and covered it up also so he could bring his "rich" clients into Judge B's court and get favorable deals cut. Check Don's case files and see how often he had clients before his very good friend Judge B.

Brian Hornback said...

Well, maybe the full time investigative reporters can do this. However, I would love to hear what Bosch would say to someone asking for his attorney client protected case files, I am sure it would be adult rated. LOL

Deathstar Vader said...

Randy Nichols is a clown. I'm ashamed that an Obama appointee, the US Attorney, is taking the prosecution of fellow Democrat and disgraced former-Judge Baumgartner more seriously than District Attorney Nichols ever has. Nichols should resign.