Monday, May 21, 2012

Knox County School Board & Commission Going To Take On The 3 B's?

Tomorrow at 5 pm, the Knox County School Board and Knox County Commission will meet at Calhoun's on the River to discuss the budget. This afternoon during the Commission's workshop, I overheard that they will be partaking in the 3 B's (Bar-b-que, Beer and Budget). Commission Chairman Mike Hammond announced that it is dutch treat (except that Hammond  promised to pay for "Casual Chris" Caldwell, the current Knox County Finance Director) So they will have to spend their own money on bar-b-que and beer. It will simply be coincidence if KPD sets up sobriety check points on either end of Neyland Drive. They could include a fourth B, a blogger! But then that would not allow Mike Donila "dacareerkilla" cause he don't blog no more. 

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