Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arnett Discovers Within 24 Hours What Brian's Blog Reported

Monday evening we posted this story about the Knoxville Mayor's campaign in 2011. We pointed out that 4 of the announced and 1 rumored candidate all reside in Sequoyah Hills. Within 24 hours Foster Arnett, one of the Sequoyah Hills residents withdrew from the race. Here is the news item from WVLT Volunteer TV.

Why did Arnett withdraw? Arnett's first campaign financial disclosure is due within the next couple of weeks and he had been unsuccessful in raising the amount of money neccesary? Arnett states that he wants to devote his attention to Knox County Clerk. Is this a criticism toward Governor Bill Haslam that spent over two years as Mayor and running for Governor? Is it because there is an investigation into the "theft" of the County Clerks satellite office bank deposit? Arnett should throw the door open on his real reason for not seeking the office of Mayor of Knoxville and let us all know why.

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