Saturday, January 29, 2011

Knox County's Double Standard Against Farragut and West Knox County

The second act of vandalism on a schools campus this year in Northeast Knox County aka Gibbs(the two schools that supporters are an inner city school aka Fulton and an East Knox County School aka Carter) and the News Sentinel only reports the second act and just chalks it up as vandalism, the ugly kind.

But you let three students from Farragut vandalise rival Bearden High School like Bearden vandalized Farragut the previous year and KPD sends out investigators to find, arrest and charge the suspects. The News Sentinel covers the "criminal" story extensively. Identifying the students charged. However, on this story they accept that the report is Confidential.

I am saying that if Knoxville and Knox County had treated the Bearden vandalism the previous year the way the treated the Bearden vandalism, it would stop. Also, Gibbs can be vandalized because everyone knows that Gibbs is NOT Bearden and the suspects are not tied to Farragut so nothing will be done.

Give a thumbs up to the students at Gibbs, they simply picked up the paper and attempted to ignore the immature acts. Class is exhibited in how we respond, Gibbs exhibited class and that is a good thing. It is now time for the News Sentinel to treat similar stories the same and end the bias reporting that simply sales papers. Here is the News Sentinel's story on the Gibbs vandalism.

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Rob Howard said...

Interesting. Are you glad the police did their job before or glad they didn't do their job later. I'll have to read this again...