Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Jaundice Journalism By Any Other Reporter Gets Sent To The Unemployment Line

Political Leverage (here) calls E.W. Scripps employee Betty Bean out for yellow journalism. Bean has even been called out on the local liberal blog (here) for her error plagued jaundice journalism. Hopefully, E.W. Scripps will also take the time to utilize some appropriate training for Bean, when they see the language that Bean uses on the comment of the local liberal blog. It is one thing to have a preference for a person and it author a story in that person's favor. However, as an employee of a legitimate organization, ie. E.W. Scripps you should honor the E.W. Scripps Code of Ethical Conduct. That means do not do it and report fairly. Now, if Bean wants to write for the local liberal blog or her own blog then she can do that. But E.W. Scripps should not allow her to utilize their publication for her ulterior motives.

This week Bean authored a story that only one candidate was stepping up for the Fifth District City Council position. While Chuck Williams announced weeks ago that he intends to run, Bean ignored Williams as a candidate.

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