Monday, January 31, 2011

The Mayor's Race Loses Another Sequoyah Resident

Foster Arnett, Sequoyah resident dropped out of the Mayor's race a couple of weeks before financial disclosures were due. Today, Rob Frost, another Sequoyah resident dropped out of the race. These two departures leave Marilyn Roddy and Mike Padgett as the only two Sequoyah residents to face Ivan Harmon, a Norwood resident and South Knox resident Madeline Rogero for the position of Mayor.

There are persistent rumors that Prestige Cleaners owner Eddie Mannis a Sequoyah resident may announce for Mayor. However, he may opt for a City Council At Large position. Or he may opt to remain in private business. Whatever, Mr. Mannis decision he brings instant business credibility to either race.

The questions that remain for Arnett and Frost are concerning the financial disclosure requirements. Sources inform us that the candidates are required to deposit the contributions within a few days. So financial disclosures should be submitted showing the contributions and the refunds.

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