Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mark Padgett Financial Disclosure Reveals Interesting Information

Mark Padgett was the first to submit the first financial disclosure in his 2011 bid for Knoxville Mayor. Over the 10 weeks, Padgett has raised over $90,000, the campaign has spent over $16,000 and has received $1,400 of in kind expenditures. You can examine the disclosure, here.

Interesting to note are contributions from Nashville and Virginia that are obviously connections that Padgett developed in his work with Former Governor Phil Bredesen. Padgett also received a $1,000 campaign contribution from the campaign of Former Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale. However, on page 21 of Padgett's 49 page disclosure Padgett reports a $500 contribution from William Curtis, listed as CEO of Curtis Mortgage Company on 12/20/2010. It is interesting to note that in September 2010, Knox County Trustee John Duncan named a Bill Curtis of Curtis Mortgage as the Delinquent Tax Collection Supervisor. Is this the same Bill Curtis? If so, is Bill Curtis working for the Knox County Trustee and CEO of Curtis Mortgage at the same time?

I have talked with a reliable source in the Trustee's office that confirmed that this is the same Bill Curtis and that Curtis informed the Trustee office that he resigned as CEO of Curtis Mortgage as he assumed his duties in the Trustee's office in September. So, why did he inform the Padgett campaign on 12/20/2010 that he is CEO of Curtis Mortgage Company?

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