Monday, January 31, 2011

The Mayor's Race Loses Another Sequoyah Resident

Foster Arnett, Sequoyah resident dropped out of the Mayor's race a couple of weeks before financial disclosures were due. Today, Rob Frost, another Sequoyah resident dropped out of the race. These two departures leave Marilyn Roddy and Mike Padgett as the only two Sequoyah residents to face Ivan Harmon, a Norwood resident and South Knox resident Madeline Rogero for the position of Mayor.

There are persistent rumors that Prestige Cleaners owner Eddie Mannis a Sequoyah resident may announce for Mayor. However, he may opt for a City Council At Large position. Or he may opt to remain in private business. Whatever, Mr. Mannis decision he brings instant business credibility to either race.

The questions that remain for Arnett and Frost are concerning the financial disclosure requirements. Sources inform us that the candidates are required to deposit the contributions within a few days. So financial disclosures should be submitted showing the contributions and the refunds.

"I don't take the paper"

The young businessman that testified about the role he played in the Cynthia Finch fabricated receipts and her trial last week talks to the News Sentinel in this article from today's paper. The best quote of the young man, "I don't take the paper". That means he is a good guy.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Haslam's First Appointment Could Be Right Here in Knoxville

Yesterday the TBI confirmed that they have launched an investigation into Judge Richard Baumgartner. "IF"the TBI find something, I am not saying they will or they will not. But, should something cause Baumgartner to vacate the bench. Then Governor Bill Haslam will have his first judicial appointment. Unfortunately, knowing the state of lawyers, I would almost bet that a few vultures aka lawyers have already contacted Haslam. His ability to retire his campaign debt of $3.5 million has become easier. The checks are probably already being written. This is the sad and ugly side of politics. But it exists.

Ruh Roh! The School Board's Can NOT Just Deny Charter School Applications ANYMORE

The TN State Board of Education has ordered the Shelby County Schools to approve a Charter School application. School Boards will no longer be able to just vote to deny applications anymore. The proper checks and balances are in place. Read the story here from the Commercial Appeal.

Knox County's Double Standard Against Farragut and West Knox County

The second act of vandalism on a schools campus this year in Northeast Knox County aka Gibbs(the two schools that supporters are an inner city school aka Fulton and an East Knox County School aka Carter) and the News Sentinel only reports the second act and just chalks it up as vandalism, the ugly kind.

But you let three students from Farragut vandalise rival Bearden High School like Bearden vandalized Farragut the previous year and KPD sends out investigators to find, arrest and charge the suspects. The News Sentinel covers the "criminal" story extensively. Identifying the students charged. However, on this story they accept that the report is Confidential.

I am saying that if Knoxville and Knox County had treated the Bearden vandalism the previous year the way the treated the Bearden vandalism, it would stop. Also, Gibbs can be vandalized because everyone knows that Gibbs is NOT Bearden and the suspects are not tied to Farragut so nothing will be done.

Give a thumbs up to the students at Gibbs, they simply picked up the paper and attempted to ignore the immature acts. Class is exhibited in how we respond, Gibbs exhibited class and that is a good thing. It is now time for the News Sentinel to treat similar stories the same and end the bias reporting that simply sales papers. Here is the News Sentinel's story on the Gibbs vandalism.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Leuthold Joins Former Commission Colleague

Former Fifth District County Commissioner Craig Leuthold is changing employers on Monday. A longtime Knox County Trustee Supervisor is moving from the 3rd floor of the City County Building to the First Floor of the City County Building. He joins his former County Commission colleague, Phil Ballard. Ballard the Knox County Property Assessor is employing Leuthold. In exchange, longtime Knox County Property Assessor employee Jim Owen will be joining the Knox County Trustees office. So Owen will be moving on up to the 3rd floor. Courthouse insiders believe that Leuthold's move is political in preparation for Ballard's 2012 re-election campaign. Sources question what experience Leuthold has in property appraisals. It is believed that Leuthold is not a certified appraiser. Sources close to the Property Assessors office question if this is simply two former "Black Wednesday" County Commissioners scratching each others back. It appears that cronyism is alive and well at the City County Building.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Property Assessor Chief Deputies Property is Under Valued?

Courthouse sources have informed us that the Knox County personal property appraisal of the Chief Deputy of the Knox County Property Assessor's office is under value of his neighbors. According to our sources that purport to have researched and seen the property appraisal, inform us that in addition to the under valued appraisal the county records indicate that he has an unfinished basement. However, these same sources tell us that the Chief Deputies adult children are living in the basement. Which means it is unlikely that it is unfinished. What other properties of close associates and political cronies of the current Property Assessor are under valued? (the photo is of the elected Property Assessor Phil Ballard)

Ruh Roh, Padgett Jumps in a Hole and Almost Took The Kids With Him

In today's News Sentinel is this story where Mayoral candidate Mark Padgett has offended John Lee, President of the Boys and Girls Club of the Tennessee Valley and potentially jeopardized their 501 (C) (3) status as a non profit. I mean if you raised $10,000 a week over 9 weeks couldn't you rent some kids instead of using the Boys and Girls club kids. (the part of renting kids is a joke)

I mean according to Padgett's first financial disclosure the campaign has one media consultant Terry Quillen. In addition, Padgett has three other Consultants, Zak Kelley, Sam Edwards and Georgia Bacon. Check the financial disclosure, here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mark Padgett Financial Disclosure Reveals Interesting Information

Mark Padgett was the first to submit the first financial disclosure in his 2011 bid for Knoxville Mayor. Over the 10 weeks, Padgett has raised over $90,000, the campaign has spent over $16,000 and has received $1,400 of in kind expenditures. You can examine the disclosure, here.

Interesting to note are contributions from Nashville and Virginia that are obviously connections that Padgett developed in his work with Former Governor Phil Bredesen. Padgett also received a $1,000 campaign contribution from the campaign of Former Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale. However, on page 21 of Padgett's 49 page disclosure Padgett reports a $500 contribution from William Curtis, listed as CEO of Curtis Mortgage Company on 12/20/2010. It is interesting to note that in September 2010, Knox County Trustee John Duncan named a Bill Curtis of Curtis Mortgage as the Delinquent Tax Collection Supervisor. Is this the same Bill Curtis? If so, is Bill Curtis working for the Knox County Trustee and CEO of Curtis Mortgage at the same time?

I have talked with a reliable source in the Trustee's office that confirmed that this is the same Bill Curtis and that Curtis informed the Trustee office that he resigned as CEO of Curtis Mortgage as he assumed his duties in the Trustee's office in September. So, why did he inform the Padgett campaign on 12/20/2010 that he is CEO of Curtis Mortgage Company?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shopper Continues Bias Reporting

Betty Bean over at the Shopper wrote an article (that was published on Monday) stating that Knox County is retaliating toward James McMillan. It was even linked over on the local liberal blog. Evidently Larry Van Guilder had to finish the story for Bean later in the week. So, the article states that they contacted Knox County and had not received a response. This is not accurate, a response was given to the Shopper on Friday (an E.W. Scripps publication, the parent company of the New Sentinel) by Knox County acting Director of Engineering and Public Works Dwight Van de Vate. However, the Shopper contacted Van de Vate that the response was not received prior to their deadline. The problem is that Betty Bean contacted Van de Vate and not the media contact Michael Grider of the Knox County Mayor's Office. Was this intentional on Bean's part? In my opinion, probably. Had she contacted Grider and explained when her deadline was, then a comment would have been received in a timely manner. I contacted Michael Grider with the Knox County Mayor's Office. He said that they did comment and that a meeting with the Mayor, Mr. McMillan and Rene Hoyos is scheduled. In my opinion, the Mayor's office is taking the high road.

It was not lost on me that Betty Bean has been a vocal supporter and writer of all good things for James McMillan's failed bid for County Commission. Also, Betty Bean within the last four weeks Bean has reported that Rene Hoyos was the only candidate for the interim City Council position to replace Bob Becker. Publishing this erronious report with the fact that Chuck Williams was the first announced candidate. When the day of voting came Rene Hoyos received no votes for the position that Bean stated she was the only candidate for.

When will E.W. Scripps put a stop to the renegade bias ramblings of Sandra Clark and Betty Bean? If this were a baseball game, they would have already struck out all 9 innings by now.

Was Ed Shouse Thinking? Was He For It, Before He Was Against It?

At yesterday's Knox County Commission meeting during the discussion about the East County Sector Plan. County Commissioner Ed Shouse said that one factor in his vote on the Midway Business Park was that he is opposed to "urban sprawl". Do what? There wasn't an annexation that Shouse as City Councilman Shouse didn't oppose. Annexation is the #1 factor in creating urban sprawl. Come on Commissioner, where you for urban sprawl as an annexing City Councilman before you are against it as a County Commissioner? We really can't afford to have more than Mike Hammond and Robert Lawrence Smith as the grand standers.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Noam Chomsky will be in Knoxville Tomorrow

Noam Chomsky will be speaking on the University of Tennessee campus tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. at UT's Cox Auditorium. Of course tomorrow night is also the State of the Union address by the POTUS on a television near you as well. Check out Chomsky information here.

Biggest Loser Gets Caught and Goes to Prison

The 2008 Biggest Loser got caught trafficking prescription pills for resale and now he will spend 4 years in prison. Read the story here. Sad, sad but when you do the crime, you must do the time.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Absolute Worst Example of Humanity

This story in today's News Sentinel detail the single mother of two that won the recent Powerball lottery. The AP contacted her estranged husband and informed him that she has won $190 million and his only response is "I won't have to pay child support". What a dead beat! The story goes on to discuss how Idaho law may allow him to stake claim to a portion of her winnings and details where she lives in Idaho. Leave the woman alone.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Congratulations to Kerry Roberts

Kerry Roberts was a Republican candidate for the Congressional seat that former State Senator Diane Black won. Yesterday was the primary for Diane Black's former State Senate Seat District 18. Kerry Roberts won the GOP primary yesterday. Roberts will be a good State Senator that will represent the citizens and not just be a rubber stamp for the establishment. Roberts will go on to face a Democrat candidate, but that should not be a problem. Read the report in today's Tennessean here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brian Hornback Promo Video

Thanks to my friends at Weekly Fitness Challenge for creating this promo video for all the social media entities of Brian's Blog.

Visit the Weekly Fitness Challenge youtube page here

Arnett Discovers Within 24 Hours What Brian's Blog Reported

Monday evening we posted this story about the Knoxville Mayor's campaign in 2011. We pointed out that 4 of the announced and 1 rumored candidate all reside in Sequoyah Hills. Within 24 hours Foster Arnett, one of the Sequoyah Hills residents withdrew from the race. Here is the news item from WVLT Volunteer TV.

Why did Arnett withdraw? Arnett's first campaign financial disclosure is due within the next couple of weeks and he had been unsuccessful in raising the amount of money neccesary? Arnett states that he wants to devote his attention to Knox County Clerk. Is this a criticism toward Governor Bill Haslam that spent over two years as Mayor and running for Governor? Is it because there is an investigation into the "theft" of the County Clerks satellite office bank deposit? Arnett should throw the door open on his real reason for not seeking the office of Mayor of Knoxville and let us all know why.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Does Gov. Haslam Believe His Spin?

This story from today's Commercial Appeal has Governor Haslam saying that it doesn't matter how much income he receives just the source of the income. Really? We all know that his money comes from Pilot Corp and Pilot Travel Centers, LLC. The amount is relevant because the four major sources of product at Pilot is fuel, cigarettes, beer and lottery tickets. All regulated by the State of Tennessee.

It wasn't a problem for Prince Phillip of Nashville aka Former Governor Bredesen to be open and transparent and reveal his income. We all knew that his money came from health care.

It really is simple, either as an elected official and as the top person in the Executive branch you are open and transparent. Or you are closed door and bound with secrecy. With the latter the perception is that you are not trustworthy.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Knoxville City Mayor 2011

So, the former Mayor is now Governor. City Councilman Daniel T. Brown is the Interim Mayor and the campaign for Knoxville Mayor begins. The primary is in September, with the General in November. The swearing in and Installation will be in December. Where will the next Mayor come from? Sequoyah Hills? North Knox? or South Knox?

Longtime Mayor Victor Ashe lived and lives in Sequoyah Hills. Our former Mayor, now Governor lived in Old Westmoreland, near Sequoyah Hills. The current 2011 Mayoral candidates from Sequoyah Hills are City Councilwoman Marilyn Roddy, Former Councilman Rob Frost, Knox County Clerk Foster Arnett and Businessman Mark Padgett. Sources indicate that a fifth candidate from Sequoyah Hills is Businessman Eddie Mannis, owner of the successful dry cleaning business Prestige Cleaners. Roddy is expected to have the ability to self fund (if neccesary) her campaign. But with the dollars and votes in Sequoyah Hills being split up. How does that impact the candidates ability to win.

There are two candidates that are not from Sequoyah Hills. Former Third District County Commissioner Ivan Harmon from North Knoxville. Current Knoxville Administrator Madeline Rogero from South Knoxville.

Does that give Harmon or Rogero an advantage? Rogero and Padgett are known Democrats, while all the others are known to lean Republican. Harmon and Roddy are more actively engaged in the local Republican organization than the other candidates. Padgett though a Democrat has some Republican support from his dad's successful tenure as Knox County Clerk.

It is expected that Rogero would run strong in the East Knoxville African American community. However, Roddy has generated some high profile African Americans at several of her campaign events, specifically the most recent Jazz concert reception that she held. Roddy was also a strong advocate and Vote for Interim Mayor Daniel T. Brown. So, Roddy is early out of the gate.

At this point I would give the advantage at this point to a Roddy -vs- Harmon run off in November.

Oh My Word, News-Sentinel Has a Critical Headline on Gov. Haslam

In today's News Sentinel the first "critical" headline story on Bill Haslam appeared. The story concerns the Executive Order that Haslam signed that moved the Executive branch from open and transparency to backroom and secrecy. The News Sentinel's headline is "First Haslam Order: secrecy". Kudos to the Sentinel, the only draw back is that Pilot may quit buying all those newspapers and giving them away on Friday, if the criticize Haslam too much. But as a constructive critique of the Sentinel, I say today you get two thumbs up.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why the Knox County Republican Party is Out of Touch With the African American Community

The Knox County Republican Party has continued to struggle with outreach into the African American community. While there are some African Americans that are active in the local organization, it is because of their commitment to smaller government and conservative principles, not because the local party does anything to reach out to them. In fact tomorrow on the day that we as a community, state and nation observe Martin Luther King day. The Halls Republican Club will conduct their monthly meeting. Knox County Deputy Election Administrator Scott Frith will be the featured Speaker. While the Knox County government and it's employees are supposed to be observing the day honoring King. Frith will be representing Knox County and the Election Commission. While the Halls club will postpone the December meeting to join the West Knox club at it's annual Christmas dinner and will sometimes reschedule to an alternate week, this year in January they have not.

UPDATE Monday 1/17/2011 8:00 p.m.: I received a comment that could not be posted due to the profanity. Thanks to sitemeter the ip address has been recorded. Anyway, the commenter wanted to know what I had done for the African American community as Chairman. Well, as a matter of fact, I appointed at my election as Chairman a Minority Outreach Coordinator that in fact was African American. The commenter asked what I did for the female population of the party. As a matter of fact, there were two Republican women clubs while I was Chairman and today there is only one. The commenter mentioned that Ray Jenkins put out an email about Martin Luther King day. Well, yes he did, at 10:19 p.m. on Sunday after this blog post went up at 8:13 p.m. Nice to see Mr. Jenkins responds as quickly as he can.

Haslam's First Action is Self Serving and Disappointing

The first order of Governor Bill Haslam was to issue an Executive Order that strikes down an order that the Governor and his top aides are not required to report their income, only the sources. This is self serving as his income from his family owned Pilot Corp. and Pilot Travel Centers, LLC will never be revealed. Haslam during the campaign refused to disclose the information that all of his predecessors have disclosed. It is disappointing that Haslam in 2011 would move the Executive branch from an open and transparent government of the people, by the people and for the people to closed back room and secrecy. Read the News Sentinel's report, here.

You ask why does this matter? Because the income from Pilot Corporation and Pilot Travel Centers, LLC are from fuel, cigarettes, beer and lottery tickets. All regulated by the state which he is the Executive.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Speaker Harwell Doing A GREAT Job

Speaker Beth Harwell has made some good changes to the State House structure, reducing the number of sub-committees and changing up committee chairmen. Knox County's Rep. Harry Brooks has been replaced by Sevier County's Rep. Richard Montgomery as Chairman of the House Education Committee. Read the News Sentinel story here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prince Phillip of Nashville Exercises Liberal Practice of Commuting

Prince Phillip of Nashville in typical liberal fashion has reversed a death sentence to life without parole and commuted 26 others. Read the story here from the Tennessean.

Can You Hear Me Now? Yes Some Do!

Today has been a BIG day for social media discussion about the announcement that Verizon will offer the iPhone4. IPhone has only been offered by AT&T. But it will now be available to the most reliable wireless provider. Read the story here from the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Daniel Brown - Knoxville's Interim Mayor

Knoxville City Council selected Councilman Daniel T. Brown as Knoxville's Interim Mayor. Brown replaces TN Governor - Elect Bill Haslam who resigned today in order to take the position of Governor on Saturday. It took 11 votes of the nine member Council to select Brown. Council Members Joe Bailey, Daniel Brown, Duane Grieve, Brenda Palmer and Chris Woodhull were all willing to serve. On the final ballot, Councilman Grieve received the votes of Della Volpe, Grieve, Palmer, Pavis. Councilman Brown received 5 votes of Bailey, Brown, Becker, Roddy and Woodhull. Councilman Pavlis requested a 12th vote to elect Brown unanimously. Brown is Knoxville's first African American Mayor in the city's history. Brown pictured here with Councilmembers Bailey and Palmer at Victor Ashe Park from back in September 2010.

Judges Should NOT Be Able to Have Their Cake And Eat It Too

Here in the Chattanooga Times Free Press reports on Senator Mike Bell and the issue of judges that say they can't get active in politics. Then they send campaign contributions. This needs to be corrected. Judges should not be able to have their cake and eat it too, when it comes to political activity.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Thank You, Democrats! Love, The Republicans

Your action here will allow the GOP to keep you sitting in the corner.

Whitehead Will Wage Winning Campaign in 2012

John Whitehead, previous Knox County Property Assessor will wage a campaign for Knox County Property Assessor in 2012. Whitehead served two four year terms from 2000-2008 as Knox County Property Assessor, Whitehead is a Certified Appraiser. Whitehead in 2008 did not seek the position in respect to the term limit provision approved by the voters in Knox County in 1994. Whitehead has informed Brian's Blog that he will wage a campaign to restore professional, competent leadership at the helm of the Knox County Property Assessor's office. He will make an official announcement in the very near future.

So, Brian's Blog was the public venue to announce that the current Assessor intends to run for re-election in 2012. Now, Brian's Blog is the venue to announce that Whitehead will wage a campaign to restore professional, competent leadership for Knox County.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hamilton County High Jinks!

The Hamilton County Commission High Jinks continue. Read the latest here in the Times Free Press.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Teachers That Engage In Inappropriate Relationship with Students Used Cellphones

The Tennessean reports here that teachers that have been investigated for inappropriate relationships with students have utilized cell phones as the contact for communicating with their victims.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Chip Saltsman to head Third District Congressman's Staff

The report here from the Chattanooga Times Free Press

Phil Ballard Says "Ballard Will Be On The Ballot"

Knox County Property Assessor called this afternoon to say that he has not made the statement that he will not be on the ballot and will allow Jim Weaver to run and then become Weaver's Chief Deputy. He said that he has stated privately that he intends to run in 2012. When asked when he would make a public announcement, he said one is not planned.

Since Brian's Blog is a blog with a public audience, I suspect that since one of the last things Ballard said to me was "Ballard will be on the ballot" That would certify as a public announcement. So, there you go, Brian's Blog breaks news again.

Hamilton County = Knox County Lite?

So, while the critics of the Midway Business Park insist that Knox County is trying to be like Hamilton County. It seems that the Hamilton County Commission is trying to be like Knox County Commission circa 2007. The commission deadlocked a week or so 4-4 on the interim Mayor. They deadlocked yesterday 4-4, the Commission Chairman then resigned immediately. The Commission then elected Commissioner Coppinger as Chairman. Commissioner Coppinger is one of the two finalist for County Mayor. The Commission will reportedly meet again January 10. Read the latest story here from Time Fress Press.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Harlow Sumerford Joining Congressman Duncan's Staff

Correction: Sumerford was not a finalist for a position on the staff of Knox County Trustee John Duncan, III. He did not apply for a position with the Trustee.

Sources close to the Howard H. Baker, Jr. Federal Courthouse located in Downtown Knoxville indict that WATE news reporter Harlow Sumerford will be joining Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.'s staff. It is expected that Sumerford will be a legislative assistant covering Energy, Defense, telecommunications, Science, Tennessee Valley Authority, Veterans Affairs and Budget issues. He is expected to be based out of the Congressman's Knoxville field office. Sumerford has reportedly been a finalist for Knox County Trustee John Duncan's staff and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett's staff.

Ballard May NOT Be On The Ballot in 2012

Sources in the City County Building are telling me that Knox County Property Assessor Phil Ballard has begun throwing out the prospect that he may not be on the ballot for Property Assessor in 2012. Instead, he will support his Chief Deputy Jim Weaver. When Weaver is elected than Ballard would become his Chief Deputy. Ballard is apparently not enjoying his position. It began almost immediately after taking office, when he began the county re-appraisals, which resulted in tax increases for many tax payers. In addition, he has become the subject of a Knox County Human Resources Department investigation.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tomorrow Hamilton County Commission Will Attempt Again to Select County Mayor Ramsey's Successor

Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. the Hamilton County Commission will make a second attempt to select the interim County Mayor. On the first attempt the Commission deadlocked 4-4. Here is hoping a majority of Commissioners will select Mike Carter. A forum was held last night at Red Bank High School to allow public access to the candidates, here the Chattanooga Times Free Press details the forum.

Jaundice Journalism By Any Other Reporter Gets Sent To The Unemployment Line

Political Leverage (here) calls E.W. Scripps employee Betty Bean out for yellow journalism. Bean has even been called out on the local liberal blog (here) for her error plagued jaundice journalism. Hopefully, E.W. Scripps will also take the time to utilize some appropriate training for Bean, when they see the language that Bean uses on the comment of the local liberal blog. It is one thing to have a preference for a person and it author a story in that person's favor. However, as an employee of a legitimate organization, ie. E.W. Scripps you should honor the E.W. Scripps Code of Ethical Conduct. That means do not do it and report fairly. Now, if Bean wants to write for the local liberal blog or her own blog then she can do that. But E.W. Scripps should not allow her to utilize their publication for her ulterior motives.

This week Bean authored a story that only one candidate was stepping up for the Fifth District City Council position. While Chuck Williams announced weeks ago that he intends to run, Bean ignored Williams as a candidate.

John Schroer, Excellent Choice as TDOT Commissioner

Bill Haslam announced today that Franklin Mayor John Schroer will be TDOT Commissioner.
Schroer a former Franklin Special School District board member. Schroer and I served on the TSBA Board of Directors at a time when the statewide association was going through major operational changes. Schroer was always professional and listened to all sides and made rational decisions that impacted the functionally of the organization. He was an excellent team member that I could trust.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Hamilton County Needs Mike Carter

Next week, Hamilton County Mayor Claude Ramsey leaves Hamilton County to join Bill Haslam in Nashville as TN's Deputy Governor. This leaves a vacancy in the Hamilton County Mayor's office. The Hamilton County Commission has already deadlocked once on this decision. The best choice to replace Claude Ramsey is Mike Carter. Check Carter's website, here.

Thank You, Mayor Burchett

If you see Mayor Burchett out and about the next few days or weeks. Thank him for ending the contract with NRR. In my opinion, it should have been done before Mayor Burchett's term. But, he is doing it now. Read the story on the Sentinel online, here.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Lindsay Lawler Featured In Monthly Magazine

My favorite Female Country Rocker Lindsay Lawler is featured in the January 2011 Driving Force magazine, Check it out online here. Check out Lindsay's web page here. Follow Lindsay on Twitter here. Check out Lindsay's facebook fan page here. Follow Lindsay on her blog here.

Keep Up with MY Friend Marisa, Marshall and Kris from Love 89

Marisa Lykins, who until Friday was the morning drive time and afternoon DJ on Love 89 in Knoxville. As you know, Love 89 is now broadcasting nationally syndicated programming from Air 1. So, here is how you can keep up with Marisa. She has a blog here. She is on twitter here. She is on facebook here. Marshall which was her sidekick is on twitter here and facebook here. Also, Kris Love that had evening drive time on Love 89 is on twitter here and facebook here. Stay in touch with these great people.

New Music in 2011

The Tennessean list here 11 Nashville connected acts to watch for in 2011. The Band Perry, Chris Young, Easton Corbin, Jerrod Neimann and Josh Kelley all make the list.

Teenage Pregnancies Have Declined

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports here that teenage pregnancies have declined. That is good news.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Churches Move Away From Denominations

Here is a story about how start up churches and other churches are going away from a specific denomination. It makes sense, after all it is about a relationship between a sinner saved by grace from a God that became flesh to do for us what we could not do for ourselves. Come to earth and offer himself as a sacrifice for our sins.