Monday, November 24, 2008

The Customer is Always Right...Except for the News Sentinel Customers

Since I was about 14 years old I have always worked. When I was a teenager, I would mow lawns, rake leaves and even had a newspaper delivery route using my bicycle. After school I worked in retail and then I became an Account Executive with a printing company and for more than 20 years I have worked as a Representative with two separate food companies. The one thing that has been consistent is that I have worked in a Customer Service oriented role. From the beginning I have always been taught and believe that the customer is always right. The Customer always comes First.

So, as I read the Sunday News Sentinel I was amazed that in his column, Jack McElroy would admit that the public reaction to the paper's redo was so negative. But I was completely shocked that he basically blew off the complaints when he said "I can't promise anything."

Many of the complaints are from women saying that they must now wait for the paper while their spouse reads their section first, because the Sentinel has combined their favorite section with the favorite section of their spouse. So, the Sentinel is contributing to marital discord? But, then again that would probably sell more papers so maybe there is a reason for their ignoring the customer complaints.


Anonymous said...

Hehehe, I don't think Jack has a clue. Here is one example: This is his quote from the article: "I appreciate the sentiment. But the paper did need some fixing, even if that wasn't apparent to readers. WHAT, he is so out of touch, does he not even read the e-mails and complaints from readers, advertisers.

After the stupid stuff he comes out with, my opinion is that the only thing that would help the KNS is a new editor with some common smarts. M. Davis

Anonymous said...

What is up with the Sentinel bashing UT people this week? Has Big Jim decided it is time for another purge at UT?

Why won't Big Jim just retire and leave Knoxville and UT alone? What other than give a little money away has this man done? A billionaire giving away a million dollars is like a millionaire giving away a thousand dollars. Big Jim made 50 million dollars when he raised gas prices above market rates. His total giving over his life is less than that 50 million. So it was actually us that gave the money away, he just took the credit.

Thanks to Big Jim we are stuck with the Convention Center and all of the foul ups at UT. Just retire Big Jim. We can't afford any more of your help.