Tuesday, November 11, 2008

News Sentinel to Receive a Past Due Tax Bill At The Big Metal Shed On the Hill

Sources in the City County Building indicate that the News Sentinel is set to receive a PAST DUE tax bill for $1,000,000.00 (Yes, One Million dollars.) Other sources indicate that the tax bill could be for $2,000,000.00 and up.

Knox County Property Assessor Phil Ballard by state statute can go back 10 years on the collection of property tax. But our sources indicate that he is only going back to 2003.

All of this due in part to the News Sentinel's failure to honor their part of the PILOT, Payment In Lieu of Taxes. Corporate welfare funded by the taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

This could be a good thing. The KNS being held accountable, that is. I would suspect that they are not the only one playing fast and loose with PILOTS, TIFs and so on.
I do hope tho, that you aren't hoping for the end of the KNS. Believe me, it's a much better paper than you think. Out here in the land where the deer and antolope play I really miss it. The local paper and the Hutchinson paper can't hold a candle to it. The closest one is the Wichita paper but except for national news it's useless. Reading the Wichita paper here is like reading the Nashville paper in Knoxville.


Alan Summers said...

The land is listed as owned by the City IDB, not the KNS. It has been tax exempt since it's beginning. But this year it actually shows a $168,589 due. It is appraised at over $16 million dollars now. The property id number is 094JD009, you can do a tax serch on the city's website. The county does not list any tax record for the land.

It sure would be nice to have a copy of the PILOT agreement to read and see what the conditions really are.
Bill Lyons on another blog mentioned it contained no conditions.
I don't believe that. If that is true, well there is another stupid mistake by this administration.

Brian Hornback said...

I have a copy of the PILOT agreement. Email me at my address, I can arrange to forward copies.

Also, the past due property tax bill is for the property value on equipment (printing presses etc.)

Anonymous said...

Your copy of the PILOT agreement must be different from the one that KCDC has.