Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mike Hammond is Conflicted.

County Commissioner Mike Hammond serves on Knox County's Board of Zoning Appeals. A position that hears zoning appeals, variances by numerous individuals, developers and builders.

One of our sources alerted us to a radio commercial that is in heavy rotation on Citadel Broadcasting Companies WOKI FM 98.7 "The Oldies". So we listened and sure enough the infamous voice of Mike Hammond is the voice for a radio commercial for Phillips Construction. This is a conflict of interest, either real or perceived but in this case perception is reality.


Stushie said...

You're right, Brian. I've heard the commercial many times, but never made that connection. Commission needs to look at how many contracts have been given to Phillips Construction during Hammond's tenure.

Anonymous said...

You mean Mayor Hammond?

Brian Hornback said...

Only in the conflicted mind of Commissioner Hammond.