Monday, November 17, 2008

Knox County Schools Owes Backpay, Public Apology, Attorney Fees and Restoring This Man to His Status Prior to the Negative Press

In September 2007, the Knox County School system wronged an employee and now they owe former Halls High School teacher Corey DeHart back pay, his employment status renewed to its status prior to the public disclosure of an erroneous claim. They owe him Attorney fees. They owe the Halls community a public apology. An investigation needs to be launched in these constant leaking of erroneous claims on staff members. DeHart, Kim Kallenberg and the former Powell High School Principal DianePsihogios. Here is the story of the clearing of his name. The News Sentinel needs to stop sensationalizing stories like this and discontinuing the use of tabloid tactics when they receive these tips.

Dr. Jim McIntyre has to wonder why no one told him all these problems before hand.


Laura Reynolds said...

Mr. Hornback,

My name is Laura Reynolds and I am replying to this Blog to give you an update on this issue. Corey DeHart has not been reinstated to his previous position. I have been notified that as of 3 weeks ago, the Department of Children's Services had reviewed their file and found the allegations unsubstaniated and consider the matter closed. They no longer consider Mr. DeHart to be under investigation. He has been investigated by the Knox County Sheriff's Department, the Knox County District Attorney and the Department of Children's Services and these investigations concluded that the allegations could not be substantiated. Knox County Schools is delaying a decision on reinstating him without disclosing their reasoning behind the matter. If they are considering revoking his tenure and moving to terminate his employment - Do you have any recommendations as to what the community can do to express their support for Mr. DeHart and let the School District and Board know that they feel this teacher should be reinstated?

Anonymous said...

As of today, this man has still not been reinstated to his previous position. He has not been taken off of unpaid leave. He has been without pay for 16 months. He has been cleared by DCS, which was a separate investigation from the District Attorney. Yet Knox County Schools still refuses to reinstate his pay and teaching position, without reason. The community has been made aware of this with little response. No one cares that his life has been devastated. Everyone wants to jump to the defense of the child (not really a child in this case, but a troubled unsupervised and ignored older teen), but when the child is pretty much proven a liar, very few want to help restore this man who was falsely accused. The apathy in this community and our society in general is depressing and the refusal of the school district to do the right thing is even sadder still.