Thursday, November 06, 2008

Is The KNS Clearly Violating Their Corporate Welfare Deal NOW?

We have covered the questions about the News Sentinel's PILOT - Payment In Lieu Of Taxes here, here, here and here. They then meet with all the new elected officials, individually to show them how the PILOT was not "real money."

We reported some weeks ago about some advertising positions being laid off, here is the story. Then KNS HR office warned each employee in a memo the next day to keep information within the "family". They then advertised the same employee positions which was clearly an effort to lay off higher paid employees and replace them with lower paid entry level employees.

Then we broke the story of the KNS raising the rack prices. That didn't help.

So, today they lay off 50 people. Read their Press Release here.

When the City of Knoxville gave them their PILOT, it was to provide highly paid long term jobs. Now they have reneged on their end of the deal. When is it that the News Sentinel pays the citizens back for the corporate welfare?

Maybe they are trying to eliminate our multiple sources within the News Sentinel "family". Time will tell if they got everyone of them or not.


Anonymous said...

You do realize that the Sentinel would go bankrupt if the PILOT was enforced. Is that what you want?

Brian Hornback said...

I want them to operate like every other business in Knox County operates. Live up to their commitments. If it drives them out of business so be it.