Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Arnett Wasted Taxpayer Dollars

While the Knox County School Board held a three day retreat this weekend in Townsend, TN using taxpayer dollars. Rightfully so they were criticized on the website for their use of our taxpayer dollars for this retreat.

What you haven't read in the News Sentinel is this. Sources within the City County Building informed us that on Monday Foster Arnett took the Knox County taxpayers County Clerk staff on a hike. A hike that would allow him get to know the taxpayers staff that currently work in the County Clerks office.

While Arnett will be quick to say that this trip cost no taxpayer money. It did. The taxpayer paid salaries for those employees are to conduct the business of the Clerk's office not to go out on a hike. Each employee that went on the hike should be required to reimburse the county for that days salary.

Arnett needs to understand and ensure that the taxpayer is boss. You will not read about this in the Sentinel. After all Arnett's work experience prior to being Clerk is that of President of the News Sentinel Charities.


Anonymous said...

Maybe someone told Foster to "go take a hike" and it took it literally.

Brian Hornback said...

That's funny. I don't care who you are.