Tuesday, October 14, 2008

R. Larry Smith Celebrates

While R. Larry Smith put on his best drama act on WNOX today at his reaction to the ruling of a out of area Chancellor. It was all an act. Word is that Larry Smith has already begun scheduling interviews with likely appointees to the seat of his district mate.

Not so fast Larry boi. An appeal could be in the future. Don't be lobbying your cronies, Mike Hammond and Tony Norman just yet!


Alan Summers said...

I think James McMillan would be the best choice for a seat warmer until 2010. He was going to run for that seat anyway. And he will give the mayor down the road if needed too.

Anonymous said...

I hope your happy Alan...good job....as if anyone on this site gives two hoots in hell what you think. Go lobby your boy Ragsdale.

Alan Summers said...

Now, that's funny anonymous.

First, "my boy Ragsdale"...you obviously don't keep up with my posts on the KNS, and you most certainly don't know what you are talking about with that one.

Second, "happy"...If you are referring to Moore being out, no I am actually not that happy about that. Yes, I have been against him in the past during the election, but I have also learned a lot about our local politics since then. And I believe he has been trying to actually do some good lately, and I have told him so over the phone not too long ago.

I don't have any idea what you are referring to. So, take your two hoots and do some reading, check out my website link.

Have a good day, anonymous.