Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why o' Why?

Why do the Say NO to the Charter Amendments put out front three Black Wednesday appointees Sharon Cawood, Frank Leuthold and Jack Huddleston? The same Sharon Cawood that fleeced enough stationary from the taxpayers to cover all 19 commissioners. Also a former Superintendent of Schools that was Superintendent over two decades ago.

Now, there are a few good vocal supporters of the Say NO campaign like Former Sheriff Tim Hutchison. So far the controversial ones outweigh the good guys.

I plan to vote NO because of my opposition to reducing County Commission to 11 members and because I support voting for every position that I can. But, now I have to hold my nose to vote NO.

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Anonymous said...

Please, please vote against 3 and 4 and encourage everyone else to, also. We are endanger of losing our government to these elites.

On a bit of a different topic, but have you notice Jack ElRoy has endorse Russ Huckaba for district 8th. he has been a pet of the KNS and they let him have multiple screen names and harass other users how ever he wants too. I am Beginning to think they are both mental and we certainly don't need either of them in county government.Please vote against amendments 3 and 4.