Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah Palin Schooled Joe Biden

Did you watch the Vice Presidential debate last night? Sarah Palin schooled Joe Biden. Having 35 years of experience in Washington, D.C. is not a positive there Joe. The political party of Joe and Barrack H Obama have a lower approval rating than our current President.

2008 is about returning the country to the people and cleaning up the mess that the Democrats have created on Wall Street.


Anonymous said...

Mess. What are you talking about? What about a war that has no exit strategy, and no end? How about the national deficit, and housing crisis? Why are American companies opening call centers in India, and the jobless rate high? I'm not pointing fingers but that's a real mess.

You should do some homework before you write anything.

Anonymous said...

What debate did you watch? "2008 is about returning the country to the people ... ", uh, if the country is away from the people we have a Republican administration to than k you that. "... and cleaning up the mess that the Democrats have created on Wall Street." uh, Brian, the Republicans lead the charge for the deregulation of the finiancial markets that lead to the Wall Steet meltdown.
Oh and by the way, the name of the general in charge over in Afganistan is Gen. David McKiernan not McClellan. Drop her an email and let her know, OK?


Doug McCaughan said...

I think I watched a different debate. I wasn't blown away by either one of them. At times both Biden and Palin steered away from questions and right into talking points. I don't rhetoric; I want them to tell me how they'll govern. I also felt they spent to much time attacking the other candidate.

I'd say it was fairly even. Each one had their positive moments and each had their negatives. Neither was remarkable for me.

Scott Emge said...

"Sarah Palin schooled Joe Biden"

Brian...with all due must be joking. She didn't even take part in a debate. She refused to answer the questions posed by the moderator and veered off every time spouting off the half a dozen or so talking points she memorized.

I am no Obama or Biden fan, but the thought of Sarah Palin being a heartbeat away from the presidency is terrifying.