Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Brad Hill Endorses Briggs for County Mayor

Brad Hill, organizer of the Charter Amendment petition drive and likely 2010 County Mayor candidate has obviously decided against running for County Mayor but is now supporting County Commissioner Richard Briggs for County Mayor. The Richard Briggs that has publically voiced his oppostion to the Republican Party's opposition to the Orange and White ballot intiatives. The Richard Briggs that voted for a DEMOCRAT instead of a Republican for an appointment to the Knox County General Sessions Judge position. The Richard Briggs that may be facing censure by the Knox County Republican Party for both of his actions.

So, with Hill's support of Briggs. What does that mean? Here is Hill's letter to the editor that appeared in the News Sentinel recently.

Briggs best person to lead Knox County

As the petition count continues and we await the November decisions of voters, one long-term issue of true leadership keeps dominating my optimistic thoughts for our county’s future.

Georgiana Vines’ recent column about a gathering of Republicans left me with exponentially greater hope in our progressive future with one man who has the resume’, proven leadership qualities and management experience of service to our country and our hometown like no other, considering the office of county mayor in 2010.

If a man can manage a hospital in a war zone, surely our City County Building offers little challenge. If a man can vow to heal others regardless of who they are and where they come from, surely the vows to uphold the highest ethical and moral standards in our county’s top leadership role is of little challenge.

Most of all, we cannot waste another two years doing little more than seeing who can win or lose politically, while teachers, students, parents, deputies, other county employees and taxpayers try to make sense of why we cannot move forward with steady progress over petty politics.

The bogeymen are fading away, it seems, and one man has the gifts of common sense and experience to not waste the next two years and take our county to considerable heights over the next decade, as voters see fit.

That man is Dr. Richard Briggs. Educate yourself about him, and let’s do whatever it takes to support him and his efforts on our behalf.

Brad Hill


Anonymous said...

What does it mean? It means Briggs is owned lock stock and barrel by Jim Haslam. Little wonder he voted for every single Charter Amendment.

How very Fristian. Briggs has zero credibility with Knox County Republicans. Another RINO pretending to be something he never was.

Let the people vote right Mr. Briggs?

Anonymous said...

Burchett will mop the floor with this unknown.