Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ragsdale For Congress?

A friend called today to say that he was traveling down I-40 and was behind a white truck with BIG letters that said RagsdaleForCongress. com He asked if our Knox County Mayor were challenging our beloved Congressman John J. (Jimmy) Duncan, Jr. I said that would be news to me. But here is the link to the website.


Kevin Ragsdale said...

Hi Brian,

I'm running as an Independent in the 4th Congressional District. I traveled through East Tennessee today.

I'm definitely NOT related to Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, and I made sure to make that point while I was on WBIR's Inside Tennessee in June (there's a link to the program on my website).


Kevin Ragsdale
Manchester, TN
Independent Candidate for Congress

Chris F. said...

It is good to know that Mike isn't running although I've heard plenty of rumors over the years between Congress, governor in 2010 among other public offices.