Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Foster Arnett Violates County Policy on His Second Day on The Job

Foster Arnett has violated county policy on his second day on the job as Knox County Clerk. Yesterday, he fired or encouraged 8 employees to leave their employment with the County Clerk's office. A move that would have been forbidden if these employees had been covered by a civil service system.

Today, he violated the Knox County hiring freeze by hiring 4 or 5 new employees to replace the 8 that he severed their employment. Arnett's actions have taken Knox County back to the old days of political patronage. Fire the ones that didn't raise money or work in your campaign and hire ones that contributed, raised money or volunteered in your campaign.

During the campaign Arnett promised to "Do The Right thing." Instead he has resorted to his days at KPD when he lied about Andre Stinson, a young African American man that died at the hands of KPD. Arnett said that Stinson had drugs in his system. A toxicology report revealed that Stinson was drug free and Arnett received a reprimand in his personnel file. So, it is more of the same from Arnett.


Anonymous said...

He fired everyone that originally supported George Stooksbury.

Scott Emge said...

"Arnett's actions have taken Knox County back to the old days of political patronage."


I am by no means defending Arnett, but you know full well that
"the old days of political patronage" are alive and well in every single one of the fee offices and never went away.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't that Arnett let people go. It was the way he did it. Straight patronage.

Why all the worry over nepotism when cronyism is much worse? Didn't see a thing about cronyism on the Charter Amendments. This is the future if the Charter Amendments are voted in.

We deserve it for not standing up to those phonies. The Sentinel has fooled a lot of people. The Knox GOP needs to stand up and tell people why these Amendments aren't the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Foster Arnett one the Jan31 boys? I don't remember for sure, there were so many.