Friday, September 12, 2008

Admirals Win..Mercy Rule Kicks in For the Bulldogs

The Farragut Admirals made the Bulldogs pay tonight. If you remember, last year in the regular season Farragut beat the Bulldogs for the 8th straight time. However, in the post season playoffs the Bulldogs won one. Tonight was pay back as the 2008 Battle of West Knoxville took place at Bill Clabo Field on the campus of Farragut High School.

In the third quarter the mercy rule kicked in for the Bulldogs. The mercy rule is when one team has a 35 point lead over another team. When the mercy rule takes over the clock does not stop, speeding up the conclusion of the game.

When the clock finally ended it was the Admirals 41 Bulldogs 10. At least no one can make the claim that the high school rezoning helped with athletic team building.

BTW, there are some great kids on the Bearden team. For example, Brandon Sapp is a GREAT young man. Also Brad Taylor and the coaching staff at Bearden are good guys. Their heart, energy and passion is in the right place.

My condolences and apologies to Cathy and Doug, I shouldn't be so boastful of a high school football score.


Anonymous said...

I really think Knox County Should expand the seating from 6,000 to 8,000.
Personally, I love the atmosphere it football country...never had seen that element in NY!

Doug McCaughan said...

Unfortunately I couldn't be there. I heard Farragut did great and deserves some boastfulness! I'm sure Bearden played hard. I just hope the students don't beat themselves up too badly.

Logan Brummitt said...

Farragut played a sloppy second half and still handed it to Bearden. But the biggest kicker is that Farragut is playing without their number 1 tailback!

Anonymous said...

I heard the big winner was Second Harvest with a record setting donation from the students.

Pamela Treacy