Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gasoline Price Gouging in Knoxville II

The best way to correct the problem that we are suffering from in Knoxville/Knox County is to report the stations that are price gouging. Click on this website to report the abusers to the federal government. Thanks to Walker Johnson over at the Media Report team for sharing this link with me.

How effective will it do? I don't know. It will take a lot of reports due to the relationship of the owners in a certain chain that have raised large sums of money for the current occupant in the Executive branch of the federal government and the relationship of one owner in being the Finance Chairman for our Junior United States Senator from Tennessee. Not to mention the local connection to a certain high placed local elected official here in Knoxville.


Anonymous said...

This is nothing to be coy about. So please stop! You're killing me! The connections between the Pilot Oil Company Inc. and President Bush, Senator Lemar, Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and Knoxville Mayor (whose name I can not remember to save my life!) are well known So say it! What Pilot Oil is doing is WRONG, inexcusably wrong, if not illegal. Becasue of that you owe them nothing. They need to be held accountable, "leaned on" if you will.
I've told my co-workers about this and while we are all proud of our employer's (Love's) stand we are all to a person can't believe that such blatent price gouging is going on.


Anonymous said...

The website you list for people to report price gouging abusers is not working. Maybe too many people sent in complaints?