Monday, September 08, 2008

Another Knox County Legislative Body is Under Investigation for Sunshine Law Violation

Sources close to the Knox County School Board have informed Brian's Blog that the Knoxville News Sentinel is investigating a possible Sunshine Law violation by the Knox County School Board. I ran into Lola Alapo before the beginning of the school boards swearing - in ceremony and mentioned the rumor to her. She indicated that there may have been.

It appears that when the election of Chair and Vice-Chair is held on Wednesday evening, it is expected that Indya Kincannon will be elected Chair and Dan Murphy as Vice Chair. It appears that the majority group of five have previously committed to casting votes for the team of Kincannon/Murphy on 9/10/08.

It has been rumored that there have been meetings of two or more during August to discuss this election. We all realize that any two board members meeting together and discussing an item on a future agenda is a violation. Clearly a board member seeking election as Chair and meeting with a fellow board member either through phone conversation or face to face meeting is a violation.

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