Friday, September 05, 2008

Arnett is a RINO

No we are not calling Arnett an animal that is on display at the Knoxville Zoo. We are calling him a Republican In Name Only. You ask. Why?

Because as it was referenced in a comment on the News Sentinel website today that during the swearing in ceremony on August 29, 2008. Arnett was the only Republican to be sworn in by a Democrat judge.


Anonymous said...

What about Briggs?

If I have to have a heart surgeon I will do what Reagan did, make sure he is a Republican.

Brian Hornback said...

I agree that Briggs is a RINO as well.

Bob Aubin said...

Because he was sworn in by a Democratic Judge?! IMHO, he is all Republican. Just call him Foster "Alberto Gonzolez" Arnett. Look at the way he is firing people in the Clerk's office and replacing them with his flunkys. Seems like a classic Bush Republican move to me.

As far as Briggs goes he is just looking to step on the backs of the people of the 5th district to get to some higher office. Don Sproles would have been a 1000 times better then Briggs.

I can understand you not wanting to claim these two, but they are Republicans - Just like Mike Ragsdale, McCain, and Bush. All part of the elephant herd.

Anonymous said...

who was the judge?

Anonymous said...

Today on the Voice a charge was made that Briggs broke the Sunshine Law in order to steal the Chair for the Finance Committee from Paul Pinkston. Briggs was overheard saying he wanted on the Knox County Development Corp board. The Finance Chair automatically gets on that board. Plus Briggs said Pinkston didn't have enough education to be Finance Chair. Another power grab. When will Herb file the lawsuit?