Thursday, September 18, 2008

R. Larry Smith Loses Temper With Brian's Blog

This afternoon we received reports that R. Larry Smith during public forum apologized to Chad Tindell and attacked the letter that was submitted by Brian's Blog founder Brian Hornback. So, Brian called R. Larry at his "insurance" office. Brian said "Larry, Brian Hornback." R. Larry said "Yeah." Brian said "I hear that you attacked my letter at the public forum after I left the room." R. Larry said "well, I just think it's wrong." Brian asked "what is not factual in it." R. Larry said "as a former party chairman, I just think you are not doing right with a letter like that." Brian said "well, let me ask you a ques".....R. Larry interrupted "I don't want to talk to you" and slammed down the phone.

O.k. so here goes, R. Larry liked Brian's Blog when I was being attacked by Sandra Clark and the Shopper News. He would always brag that he and I were in the same boat and "that I should pour it on, her." Now, Hornback has given as much as he has taken and there appears to have been a nice quiet stalemate between Sandra and him. But R. Larry loved it when he thought that he could have input into the feud. He didn't and he won't.

When Hornback was party chairman in 2005 and the countywide officeholders and he determined that the overhead at the previous headquarters (on Concord Street) was too great and we needed a handicapped accessible location. R. Larry called and begged him to rent space in his 640 North building and he would work with them to get where we needed to be on overhead. They did and it was a good move for the party.

It is interesting to note that the opportunity that R. Larry took to attack the Hornback letter is the moment that he called Billy Stokes, a former Knox County Republican Party Chairman back to the podium. Stokes who as a former Knox County Republican Party Chairman endorsed a countywide Democrat for Chancellor in 1998. Stokes endorsed Darryl Fansler over Republican Wayne Houser, Jr. It was an extremely tight race. The final results were not known until 6:00 a.m. Brian Hornback knows because he was the countywide Chairman for Houser in 1998. R. Larry has not been critical then or now of Stokes endorsement of a Democrat. But that is why they call R. Larry two step R. Larry.

Hornback has not endorsed a Democrat while he served as Chairman or since he served as Chairman. Growing up, Hornback heard "you are known by the enemies that you keep" With R. Larry being an enemy that's not a bad thing. Because sometimes you have to stand up for what is right and party shouldn't be a blind that you close your view on.

In R. Larry's world if someone professes to be a Republican then you shouldn't report that they are delinquent on their property taxes in another county. Just look away.

In R. Larry's world if someone professes to be a Republican then you shouldn't report that they have done something wrong. You just look away.

The world of Brian's Blog is different than in R. Larry's world. We call what is right when it's right and we call what is wrong when it's wrong. We call the balls, balls and the strikes, strikes. It is the role that we have created here in our citizen journalist world at Brian's Blog. We have hundreds of readers reading and engaged in the process because of Brian's Blog. Now, we all know that in R. Larry's world you only call a fair game when it is your team on the field. That is not right and it is not ethical. R. Larry can live with himself in his world his way. At Brian's Blog, we don't and we won't.

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Anonymous said...

Let's not forget too that he is a "proud" republican but fought and voted for having democrat Elaine Daniels on the CC during the appointment process.