Tuesday, September 02, 2008

County Commissioner David Wright Stands Tall, Tonight.

Before the nominating process this evening, the Senior County Commissioner from the Eighth District David Wright spoke to the convention and during his talk he explained why it is necessary to vote against the Orange and White Charter Amendments. Wright is supportive of the Republican Party position while an individual Commissioner like Briggs has said that he will oppose the Republican party position in opposing the amendments. It is likely that Briggs will face an ouster complaint from within the Knox County Republican Party. An ouster complaint that could remove him from the Republican Party and will forbid him from using the Republican label in the future.


Anonymous said...

You knew when reasonable man came up it was down hill from there.

Brian Hornback said...

True. It was so Fristian.

Anonymous said...

Is an ouster compliant legally binding? I mean suppose Briggs is ousted and runs again. Could he still run as a Republican tho without the support of the party? What could you (the party) do except call him names?