Monday, September 15, 2008

Gasoline Price Gouging in Knoxville III

While nearly all the blame for Knoxville's price gouging being laid at the feet of Pilot and Weigels. It does appear that the first report came from Bill Weigel of Weigels. Here is the link from the WVLT report on Thursday September 11, 2008.

Also, the Maryville Daily Times had an interesting article over the weekend. Here is the link to that story. It quotes an account executive Sharon Cawood. Which we believe to be the former Knox County Juvenile Court Clerk employee and the former Black Wednesday County Commission appointee to replace her husband.

Her quotes were. In Knoxville, account executive Sharon Cawood said "one of our local gasoline chains called a local TV station Thursday, sometime during the day and said, 'We're running out of gas. We're going up 80 cents a gallon ... It caused a major scare."

"By the time it hit 6 o'clock news and 11 o'clock news, it was like snow was falling, and milk and bread were flying off the shelves."

It also quotes Larry Daugherty, a talk radio host of WQBB. We assume that this is Lloyd Daugherty , a talk radio host of WQBB.

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