Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can Hurley Quit Making Dumb Missteps?

This morning, the Knox News Sentinel had this story about Roane County Legislator Julia Hurley and a youtube video of a companion of Ms. Hurley's holding a dog out of the window of her car as she video tapes the dog while she drives. It was Michael Jacksonesque (remember when he held one of his children over a balcony) With the difference being that had Hurleys campaign lost grip on the dog it would have been a severe accident, based on the speed of the vehicle.

Hurley was not available for comment, at the publishing of this mornings story. However, later today. Rep. Hurley defended her and her companions action, here

In addition to the lack of care for the animal, how about the distracted driving of operating a cell phone video camera while driving a car? How about the lack of proper animal restraint, which sources indicate that Hurley voted for in the last legislative session.

Hurley will immediateely say this is a personal matter, not a matter of her legislative experience. However, many of her constituents point out this is an indication of Hurley's lack of character which also reflects on her ability to be a legislator.

Here is the latest antic, 


Keeping Them Honest said...

She has become a GOP embarrassment and the standing joke at the Roane County Court House. The State Hwy Patrol still look at the video of Hurley asking a State Patrol"women"...."Don't you know who I am?" after being stopped for speeding. Yes it was a female officer who stopped Hurley and got verbally abused for doing so.

Sarah McCoin said...

Let me count the ways:

-couldn't remember why she carved her initials onto the top of the House floor desk;kind of late, been in session too long, oh my. Apology later with "this is not newsworthy"

-little speeding ticket confrontation with TN State Trooper --- 'do you know who I am?'...that usually helps. Apology later, "this is not newsworthy"

-the dog in the Roane County Court house, the service dog, Pepper. After a little chat with a variety of people with a clear understanding of the ADA, life moves on. The County, because of the Pepper/Hurley incident had to spend time, money, purchase signs, establish protocol, to keep pets outside the courthouse.

-Keep Roane County Together episode whereby Rep Hurley said she wrote a letter to the committee requesting Roane County remain intact; funny how she never provided the letter despite requests. Further, she notes in a January, 2012 interview, "I don't pay attention to facebook..." Another non-newsworthy story.

-Now, Pepper / Hurley are noted from East TN to San Diego, to Washington, DC, all in the reports of the AP story about Pepper's wild ride, a pleasure ride according to Hurley.

Let's all gather for an air swimming lesson, learn to video while driving, and, that's right, have your companion place the animal outside the car at the pure enjoyment of swimming coach Hurley.

As a conservative, always voting Republican, but not a Tea Party member, I disdain the actions of the Hooter's chick turn Representative--- very disappointing but remember, this ain't newsworthy, or is it?

Rick said...

Disgusting behavior for any human being...ESPECIALLY an elected official! As an animal over and former Volunteer Coordinator for the McKamey Animal Center here in Chattanooga, I find this latest dumbass stunt of hers the straw that broke the camel's back...I'm through with this immature individual. Maybe she needs to go back to work at Hooter's, where this type of classless behavior is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing after another an it always seems to be a personal attack or politically motivated when someone brings it up. I am sick and tired of her cronies saying she has a solid conservative voting record. So as long as she votes as she is told then I guess she can do as she pleases. She makes me sick!! VOTE HER OUT!!!!! And for gods sakes get the dog out of the captiol!!!! All she wants to do is point out her opntenst past voting record. But if you bring up her past it is personal or mudslinging. I don't understand how peoria caint see right thru this woman!!

Anonymous said...

I call for Miss. Hurley to resign and move a side so the 32nd district can come back together as a community and premote what we have to offer. And not one high school prank after another that puts us on the nation wide map with an embarrassment of a State Rep. This office has lost so much dignity and prestige since Miss. Hurley started playing house in the State House. Miss. Hurley step down for the best of your District!!!