Friday, June 01, 2012

Pro Tax Rally on Monday

Buzz Thomas the Executive Director of the Great Schools Partnership has put out a notice that on Monday at 3:30 pm there will be a rally outside the Main Assembly Hall. Not sure wheere the "hall" is but the assumption is he means the City County Buildings "Main Assembly Room".

Sources indicate that this will be a rally against Mayor Burchett's proposed budget for 2012-2013 and in favor of the school board's $35 million increase proposal. Sources have told me that it will be a pro tax rally.

The rally will be held thirty minutes before the Commission conducts it's public forum and an hour and a half before the Commission takes up and votes on Mayor Burchett's budget. Read Thomas message here.


Anonymous said...

Is Buzz Thomas paid ANY money by the county?

I am sick and tired of all these people politicking and lobbying for a political idea while being paid by the taxpayer, like McIntyre and Copelan are.

Anonymous said...

Thomas doesn't get any public money. McIntyre and Copelan--- you've got a point. But it's hard to fault them and not find fault in Mayor Burchett as well. All of them are salaried employees who have been politickin' during business hours... but who is to say whether they're not putting in 40 hours of additional work?

Brian Hornback said...

Knox County has contributed every year to GSP tax dollars. Thomas is paid a salary so yes he is getting tax payer dollars just as Virginia Babb is ( however she has taken a leave)

I know this organization well, I was on the board of the school foundation and I made a motion to combine the schools foundation into Mayor Ragsdale' schools foundation creating the Great Schools Partnership in 2004