Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Couple of Thoughts on Two Media Reports

First, on the Shelly Breeding case (her house is in Anderson County, mailbox in Knox County and she wants to be a DEMOCRAT candidate for State Rep in District 89). The local court says no go. The Court of Appeals says no go. Now she is appealing to the TN Supreme Court. In my opinion had she selected competent co counsel instead of good ole boy less than 25 percent against State Representative Jamie Woodson Hagood for the State Senate seat Billy Stokes, she would have fared better in the lower court and appeals court.

Secondly, the story in this weeks Metro Pulse on the community meetings against blight. Jeff Talman is quoted as saying that the University of Tennessee is sending people west and they should be protecting their neighborhoods. The act of redlining is illegal and it appears Talman is suggesting redlining West Knoxville. Additionally, why is it a state agency that represents all citizens of the state should be in the business in forcing people into neighborhoods of Talman and others?

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