Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Can Knox County Move Forward

Emotions were raw last night at the Knox County Commission meeting. The individuals that supported the School Boards additional request were intense. The folks against raising taxes were intense.

The question is will Knox County and it's various leaders be able to move on after the vote? WATE Political Analyst George Korda said a few weeks ago on Gene Patterson's Tennessee This Week that emotions had gotten so ramped up that there would not be any moving on afterwards with a pat on the back.

School Board Chairman Thomas Deakins was on one of the television stations last night after the vote proposing another retreat with Knox County Commission.

Two suggestions to the idea of another retreat. #1 include Mayor Burchett and bring him in on the front end. (not expecting him to be a spectator at the last minute) #2 have that retreat in Knox County (not in Blount County) were TEA Party activists, teachers and school stake holders can attend and feel that they are valued and welcome to the discussion.

Finally, two additional comments. Can't all Knox County just get along and Give Peace a Chance.


Jake Mabe said...

"All we are saying is give peace a chance." -- John Lennon

Brian Hornback said...

Wow a Shopper exec joins in with Shock and Awe

Goerge Toad said...

Deakins finally learned that all of this "for the children" doesn't carry the day when you are already spending $500 million on the school system each year. That is approximately twice the City of Knoxville total budget and is clearly far and away the most expensive school system in East Tennessee. So what gives?

Deakins and McIntyre will have to be much more target specific with what they want to fund and be much more detailed in what they want, thus the need for a retreat, kum ba ya with May Burchette, and lay out the specific requests, indicating what are one year non recurring items and them move on. But just $35 million for something, nobody is really quite sure, that just doesn't get it in this day and age anymore, particularly with "Cas" Burchette vowing no new taxes, we've got plenty of money, let's work smarter and harder with what we have.

Anonymous said...

Cas Walker has been attacked by every Jim Haslam surrogate available. Yes, Cas was a ruthless businessman. He lived in an era before PR and UT sycophants like Bruce Wheeler who write what Big Jim Haslam tells them to write. But Cas Walker did much more for Knoxville than Jim Haslam ever did. It was Cas who fought the carpetbaggers like Haslam. And no one is more ruthless than Jim Haslam. Who has taken much more from this county than he ever gave.

So if you want to paint Tim Burchett as the new Cas go right ahead. Fighting elitists like Jim Haslam is good work.

Brian Hornback said...

I loved Cas! As a matter of fact my mom recently overheard an old family friend describe my blog as "today's Cas Walker" that's an honor. I am old enough to remember Cas and his farm and home hour and his political positions.

So if people want to paint Burchette as Cas then Shock And Awe can be Cas "Watchdog" However we will never be able to replace Cas. He was one of a

Brian Hornback said...

Cas Walker's "Watchdog" was his newspaper that he published

Anonymous said...

Brian, you should be proud. This is the new Watchdog. I met Cas when he was in his early 70's. He was sharp. He would be proud to see people still fighting the elite carpetbaggers. He cared about Knoxville and wasn't afraid to fight. Something that has been lost as people want to be popular with the supposed in crowd. Cas didn't put up with phoneys. And neither do you Brian. And good for Tim Burchett too. Another man who puts up a good fight for our town. We need more people to take a stand.

Brian Hornback said...