Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Week Off and Gathered Attention Statewide

This week I was in Nashville on business and just could not bring myself to blog, my apologies. All the Hurley posts last weekend got a lot of attention across the state and I appreciate it.

I will recap them so that you can review them and also to say Thanks to these well established purveyors of news you can use. First off Michael Silence of No Silence Here, really helped with this post last Friday. Then on Saturday, Knoxville News Sentinel Writer Bob Fowler with this story in the paper. Of course Hurley had to respond with an email to rehash her explanation, here is my post that included the full email by the Representative. Then on Monday, Steven Hale from the Nashville Scene wrote about and posted this He credited Shock And Awe. He wrote a little shock and awe in his story when he described Pepper as "butt ugly". Then Tom Humphrey the Sentinel's Nashville bureau Chief on Monday posted on his blog Humphrey on the Hill this about the Hurley missteps and credits me. A couple of days passed and then my hometown Metro Pulse writes in their Ear to the Ground this item and credits me.

To all the folks and organizations mentioned, I thank you and can not adequately express my gratitude for your mentioning me. It is an honor to serve in the trenches with you.

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Keeping Them Honest said...

You are keeping them honest.....and becoming more independent....