Monday, June 04, 2012

Mayor's Buddget Approved With a Slight Tip to the Schools

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett's budget was approved tonight. The Mayor had already included the $3 million for a reading initiative. Chairman Hammond made a motion to fund the community school initiative with half the proceeds coming from Knox Counties savings account and the other half from the schools savings account.

Bottom line is no tax increase on the property owners of Knox County.


Deathstar Vader said...

It's a big win for Knox County taxpayers. It's a win for Burchett; it's a loss for the lazy elitists at the Chamber. It's a loss for McIntyre and Kincannon, which is yet another win for taxpayers.

Mark Perlmutter said...

It's also a blow to Cohen Communications Group, who was out there shilling for an unknown funding source (probably Clayton or Raja Jurbran) and again he ends up on the wrong side of the issue and with egg on his face. Hope the ambulance company knows of the success rate.