Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Something I like!

My progrssive friend Cathy McCaughan told me yesterday that I never blog what I like. So to Domestic Psychology. Here is my first of what I hope are many blog posts of what I like. I like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He stood up to the vocal minority of unions that tried mob rule and today the voters of Wisconsin will decide to let the mob rule continue or reject the mob rule and allow the recall to fail. Here is hoping Wisconsin Reall fails tonight


Cathy said...

Imagine me tsk-tsking at this backhanded insult of WI teachers.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it is the taxpayers finally won for a change. When you give liberals a green light to increase taxes, they are like a fox in the hen house..... they can't get enough! We need to draw a line in the sand and that line was drawn last night. Let them pout and scream all they want. We need to stop this insanity of never ending tax increases and start talking about tax DECREASES.

Brian Hornback said...

Cathy, I never mentioned teachers, I did mention unions. But the unions were of all kinds not just teachers.

So no matter what I do or how I change my writing style. I will continually be cast in the light that people want me to be cast.

So this exercise was good, instead of changing to how other people want me to be, than I should and will just be myself.

To be anything else than myself is not being true to myself.