Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ashton Shepherd, The Next Big Country Music Sensation

If you travel south of Knoxville / Knox County. Not far. Loudon County and south, you can pick up country music station US 101 located out of Chattanooga, TN The station is located on the FM dial at 100.7. Today, I was traveling through their coverage area and every time I do, I listen.

This afternoon they hosted in studio a new young talent, Ashton Shepherd. Ashton is from Leroy, Al. She grew up in Coffeeville, Al a short distance from Leroy. Her debut CD will release on March 4, 2008. My prediction is that she will be the next BIG country music sensation. Her current single from her debut CD is available on country radio now. The song is "Takin Off this Pain". She has a myspace page with three of her songs and an opportunity to pre-purchase her CD all at this web page.

Here is a youtube video of her introduction from MCA Records Nashville / Universal Music Group, it includes samples of her voice and talent.

Here is a youtube video of a radio in studio interview and sample of her music.


Anonymous said...

I'm not all that into Country Music but she's good! Thanks for the tip.


Brian Hornback said...

I am glad that you like her. I grew up on country music. But, you would be shocked at my contents of my ipod. I have every type of music known to the human race.

Anonymous said...

Ashton is incredible! Her whole album is amazing. I think she may have several hits on her hands!