Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Republicans Down To Four

New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani today dropped out and endorsed Senator John McCain for President. California Governor Arnold is expected to endorse Senator McCain tomorrow.

More than likely Romney will be done on Tuesday. Leaving McCain, Huckabee and Paul.

Who would have thunk that the former Governor of a small southern state like Arkansas would out live, out play and out survive nearly the entire pack of Repulican Presidential candidates?
Go Huckabee Go!


Anonymous said...

Actually after next Tuesday I beleive it will only be McCain. Huckabee, God bless him, is running on fumes ever since South Carolina (if not before) and only the Good Lord knows why Paul is still in it, or for that matter why anyone still thinks he's in it. Has he broke 20% in any of the primaries so far? I know he's beaten Rudy several times but while that's good (I always got a kick out of it) that's just not good enough for anything except "Rudy kick'n" and that got old after yesterday.
I thinnk that Huckabee will be gone after Tuesday as well as Romney BUT I'm not going to count him out, not by any means! I think that Huckabee will be the VP pick.
What do you think?


Brian Hornback said...


Last year, I thought Huckabee would be a great VP. I switched when he started proving himself in early November in Iowa as a Presidential candidate. If Huckabee is on teh ticket as President or Vice-President, I will be happy and the Fred supporters that have been mad at me since November will have to let it go.