Sunday, January 20, 2008

Voting History

UPDATE: Brian's Blog received an email (not from Karen Carson) stating "Karen Carson's voting record in Knox County (she was a registered voter in other locations, long before 1992) is a public record" Here is a scan of the voter application that was signed on 2-7-92. Please note Question 7 ask Where you were last registered to vote? As you can see. Hand written is 1st reg.

What we post here at Brian's Blog is based on fact. Here is the evidence of fact and the supporting document for our posting.

Original Post January 16, 2008 5:45 p.m. The Brian's Blog research team has been looking into the voting history of political candidates that are on the February 5, 2008 ballot. Citizens voting history is public record, it only reveals if you voted Democrat or Republican, not what candidate you voted for.

The voting history of our founder and President Brian Hornback was reviewed today. He registered to vote the day after he turned 18. He has NEVER missed an election and in EVERY primary, he has voted Republican.

In reviewing Fifth District School Board Member Karen Carson's voting history it revealed something interesting. A few months ago on the local liberal blog, she stated that she is a member of the Concord-Farragut Republican Club. However, her voting record reveals that on February 10, 2004 she voted in the Democrat primary. She also voted Democrat in August 1996. She only first registered to vote in February 1992 for the first time.

Now back to the February 2004 Democrat Presidential Primary, which Democrat presidential candidate do you think she cast a preference for? The percentage of votes for the minority party candidates in February 2004 were.

John F. Kerry garnered 52% of the vote.
John Edwards garnered 27% of the vote.
Wesley Clark garnered 23% of the vote.
Howard Dean garnered 4% of the vote.
Al Sharpton garnered 2% of the vote.
Dennis J. Kucinich garnered 1% of the vote.
Carol Moseley Braun
Dick Gephardt
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Joe Lieberman

or was she one of the votes for John Greene, Democrat candidate for Second District U.S. House of Representatives against our Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.?

In August of 2004, she did vote in the Republican primary. However, her campaign treasurer was on the Republican primary ballot and lost by a heavy margin to State Representative Park M. "Parkey" Strader.


Gip said...

Hi...I am confused. Are you running against Ms. Carson? Why are you comparing your voting records?

Brian Hornback said...

No gip (btw, we know who you really are) Brian Hornback is not running for School Board. The Brian's Blog team has researched numerous voting records during this election cycle. At the time that we pulled records we pulled the record of our Founder and President, Brian Hornback.

The Brian's Blog team had been told that a specfic person (the identity will be shielded at this moment, but could be exposed at any time) was circulating the rumor that Ms. Carson has a more solid record of Republicanism than our Founder and President. Ms. Carson during the summer of 2007 publicly stated that she is a Republican as evidenced by her membership in the Concord-Farragut Republican Club.

That is why our team made the editorial decision to compare a liberal Democrat's voting record (Karen Carson) to our Founder and President's exemplary Republican voting record.

A member of Ms. Carson's campaign team have lied about Mr. Hornback's (a private citizen) voting record and we the Brian's Blog team are defending him against the baseless, warrantless attack on his voting record and exposing her liberal Democrat voting record.

Obviously, this attack on Mr. Hornback is evidence that the truth isn't in a member of Ms. Carson's campaign team.