Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Fred Thompson Departure Will Put McCain Over The Top

If Fred Thompson departs stage right, soon. It is our belief that his departure will assist McCain. A Thompson voter is prone to vote McCain.

A McCain/Huckabee ticket? Too soon to tell. Onto Florida with Rudy having a Thompson strategy. The Thompson strategy was to put everything into South Carolina. Rudy is wagering everything on Florida.

Republican turnout in Tennessee on February 5, 2008 will be diminished with a Fred departure.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that a Thompson supporter is inclined toward Sen. McCain. I think they'll splinter and wind up supporting the remaining candidates.
Checking thru the other news sites, logs and what-not one thing I've noticed is that most (not all, mind you) credit Thompson as the reason Huckabee couldn't top McCain. They think that if Thompson hadn't been on the ballot those votes would have gone to Huckabee.
I tend to agree, with you as my prime example: Stalwart conservative and Christian. Flipping from Thompson to Huckabee. I think there's more of you than you do.


Brian Hornback said...

Steve in 2000 Thompson endorsed McCain and had done so early on until he was encouraged to run. That is my reasoning for my post.

The Thompson record more closely matches McCain than Huckabee. That is my point.

Andrew said...

I can't imagine moving my support from Fred to McCain. McCain is too willing to go along with the Kennedy liberals on things like illegal immigration and campaign finance.

Anyway, good discussion. I hope you will check out my new blog at:

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, but only to a point. For many Republicans (perhaps most) that logic holds, however, for the Evangelical Conservative it's Huchabee that will get the boost. They're not going to support Romney or any of the others and McCain said bad things about Pres. Bush's (and Rumsfield's) handling of the war and there's also his former position on immigration to say nothing of Election reform. Huchabee could be a real spoiler for McCain. As it stands now it's too early to tell and either of us could be correct. Time will tell, I guess.
What do you think about Florida? Does Rudy have a prayer or will he be the next to go?


Brian Hornback said...

Steve, I agree with you. I am an Evangelical Voter, I will vote for Huckabee. I supported Fred in the summer, bacause he was a TN guy.

If we were to buy into the notion that the Country Club Republicans out number EV than McCain gets a bump. However, you are making my case, while I am being kinda coy up till this moment EV or Value Voters in my opinion out number CCR. I want nothing more than the Thompson voters to jump over on the Huckabee wagon.

As for Rudy. South Florida will give him a boost. I think the panhandle will go with Huckabee. The modern day Evangelical revival movement started in the panhandle. They are prone in my opinion to vote Huckabee.

I haven't watched the polling in Florida recently. Rudy had massive tv buys for the 12 days that I was in South Florida between Christmas and New Years. But I think Rudy putting everything in Florida is risky. He will either be a genius or a dunce.

Time will tell.

Chris F. said...

Ron Paul gets my vote in this one.

I don't like the fact that Huckabee was actually more liberal than Clinton and supports amnesty for illegals. Thompson is likeable, but his heart never was in this thing to begin with. McCain and Romney leave too many question marks. Rudy? Why is he still running?