Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Today's Debates on WNOX

Thanks to Elaine Davis for reminding me and us of this evenings debates on WNOX between the fourth district candidates. I forgot to include them. I listened to the debates between the several Republican clubs that I visited this evening.

As for this morning's debate. It started out rough. County Clerk candidate Foster Arnett, Jr. in introducing himself said "I even worked here at IVK." referring to WIVK. Hey, Foster you were on WNOX FM 100.3 not WIVK FM 107.7. Foster even had to admit that his wife is a Knox County employee. He has railed against nepotism and the like and now his wife is employed by Knox County.

Hallerin Hilton Hill stated in the first hour that the selected Republican and selected Democrat candidates to emerge victorious out of the February 5 primaries would face off in November. Actually, the County General is in August. Hal corrected it in the second hour, I am told.

As for this afternoons debate on The Phil Show between Laurie Alford, Business Controller for the TN Press Service and Karen Carson. In a much appropriate manner Phil introduced the candidates from left to right and the left leaning liberal Karen Carson was on the left. How appropriate.

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