Thursday, January 31, 2008

The News Station Loses the News

According to Terry Morrow beginning on Monday and in an announcement tomorrow. WATE "The News Station" will no longer have a noon news cast. So, "The News Station" will not have a local News newscast. No lose to the market, no one watches WATE anyway.

They use some excuse that no one watches due to the fact that everyone is working. Well, how do you explain that the television ratings have moved "The News Station" to dead last. They are going to be airing Inside Edition, heck that is the same type of news that WATE has been showing anyway.

Also, word is that Lori Tucker is staying and not going anywhere. That is no surprise. Where or what other station would want her? When you have been and are last in the television ratings, no one is beating down your door wanting you "to move on up."


Anonymous said...

Young Broadcasting (Parent Company for WATE) is in the process of cutting across the board at most of their stations.

They are also trying to unload a very expensive buy in Calf. that proved to be more than they could chew on.

Lots of changes as the company tries to either line up to be sold or tries to just get above the tide of red ink.

Lori Tucker is the longest running female anchor on the air in Knoxville and the research by OTHER stations shows her as the most watched on the WATE staff.

Noon news has always been a toss up between 8 and 10 with 8 winning
most of the time. The noon is always driven by the show before it and in Knoxville as around the nation The Price Is Right is a big winner.

TV news is changing around the country. The days of 60+ folks working in a TV news room is slipping away and as the slide continues so will the quality of the product.

WATE has had a problem with their network and also their consultant driven BREAKING NEWS style. Couple that with the facts that Knoxville is just sold big time on WBIR, WVLT is on the rise and WATEs parent company is shaky and you can see why they are cutting back.


Anonymous said...

Who watches the news anymore anyway? 90% is on the internet. Brian let us be realistic the news is 5 minutes hard news 15 minutes fluff (last night they spent 5 minutes about someone running the marathon) and ten minutes stupid car sales ads at local dealerships. I mean think about it. These tease info we already know 'so weatherman whats the weather going to be like this weekend?' The weatherman goes " Well tonight we will be cold but stay tuned for later in the broadcast when we have our exclusive weakend weather forecast!" Really? Let me check my Palm Treo for sports and weather...oops the newscast just became useless. Of course Inside edition is just as useless because I can go to However, it is better. Plus have you looked at the tv background sets in the newsroom these stations have outdated look no wonder nobody is watching. My local highschool had a better more update newsroom and that was when I graduated back in 1992! Hey news station Spend the 1,000 bucks go to HH Greg and buy a freaking LCD instead of the old tube televisions. While we are at it tell whoever your spot reporter is to turn on his police scanner and stop mailing it in going to the fire scene the next morning after the fire has already been put out.How about actually taping the fire scene while the fire is still going!
Your boy Dan from NYC
PS Anyone who wants feel free to use my disclaimer. I had really good lawyers help me with it.

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