Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Candidate Meet & Greet and Fifth District Forums

Tonight was the Candidate Meet and Greet and the Fifth District County Commission forum and Fifth District School Board forum.

The Candidate meet and greet went well with Candidates for Trustee, Roger Kane, L.B. Steele's son Alan representing him, Steve Hill and Fred Sisk in attendance. Ben Harkins represented Sheriff candidate Jimmy "J.J." Jones. Register of Deeds candidate Sherry Witt was present. Our Knox County Law Director John Owings was present. County Clerk candidate Scott Moore was represented tonight.

The forum for the Knox County Commission fifth district had every candidate attending and participating. Thomas Baer, Richard Briggs, Jim McEvers, Kyle Phillips and John Schoonmaker all Republican candidates. Don Sproles, an Independent candidate that will be on the August 7 ballot participated as well.

The forum for the Knox County School Board Fifth District had both candidates attending and participating in the second half of the night activities. Laurie Alford and Karen Carson.

Alan Williams, News Anchor of WVLT Volunteer TV Channel 8 was the moderator and did an exceptional job.

I can not blog the event for you tonight. I can not report on the questions or answers because in my role as the Legislative Co-Chairman of the A.L. Lotts Elementary School PTA. I served as the organizer and facilitator for the event and it would be inappropriate for me to report the evening to you. The rest of the Brian's Blog team was dispatched to other forum events. Like the one in Powell and the one at West High School.

I appreciate the Farragut Press, Knoxville News-Sentinel, West Side Shopper, a Representative of School Matters and Volunteer TV Channel 8 for covering the County Commission forum.

Attendance was not what I would have preferred to have because the committee that I lead has worked since August in ensuring that most every detail was covered. However, it is what it is and I believe that each person has their own sphere of influence and hopefully those in attendance recognized the countywide hopefuls that cared enough to attend and hopefully each person listened to the candidates and decided on whom to influence for or against in their own sphere.

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