Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bill Lockett Should Take Corrective Action on McCampbell

School Board Chair Indya Kincannon and Law Director representative Marty McCampbell at tonight's meeting said that they searched board policy all day and could not find in board policy where a board member can take personal privilege to delay a vote. Eighth District Patrick Richmond was seeking personal privilege to delay the budget vote. Dan Murphy was quick to inform the Kincannon and McCampbell that the policy is BCBD. After a brief recess, Chair Kincannon said that she and the Superintendent ruled it an emergency. Board Member Bratton made a motion to challenge the Chair and veteran board member Sam Anderson said that he would have to support Mr. Richmond's ability to take personal privilege to delay the vote for two weeks or one month.

With a law department representative to publicly acknowledge that they researched all day and did not find it makes Lockett and his office look like an inexperienced and unprofessional operation and because of that Lockett should take corrective action on McCampbell.

By a vote of 6-3 Kincannon's ruling was overturned by the board. The three board members supporting Kincannon were Murphy, Carson and Kincannon.

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