Saturday, April 17, 2010

McMillan is Attacked by Newspaper

This story from today's News Sentinel is interesting in the political world. First of all the headline is "Former teacher runs for 8th district post". Well, actually three of the four candidates are former teachers, Mike McMillan, Tommy Everett and Roy Mullins. Only candidate My understanding is that Harvey Boles is not a former teacher.

The interesting part of this story is that the Gibbs High School Principal that began an investigation on McMillan currently serves as the Treasurer for Mullins campaign. Mullins who was Interim Superintendent of the Knox County School district at the time the investigation began. Several months later, Dr. McIntyre had to conclude the investigation, because as Knox County Schools history was to put professional educators on leave and keep them on leave indefinitely. Dr. McIntyre in righting the sinking ship had to do what he did. When McMillan when faced with his options, retirement was his best option instead of being dragged through a tenure revocation hearing that is very public. While McMillan had enough years of service to retire and has a farm that he could focus his time and attention on during this time.

The last interesting part of this story is where the other candidates decline comment, they don't have to make this an issue or comment, because Jack McElroy and crew have already done that. When will the politics of slash and burn end? It is only a school board seat. It is not the leader of the free world.

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