Thursday, April 15, 2010

That Robert Lawrence Smith Doesn't Play With With Others (especially Women)

Yesterday (Wednesday) Seventh District Commissioner Michelle Carringer visited the Halls Senior Center. The Seniors get together to play Bingo. Carringer brought a box of McDonald's Sausage and Biscuits for any Senior that may want one. Some time passed and Seventh District Commissioner Robert Lawrence Smith showed up with boxes of donuts. When he came in, he took the box of Carringer Sausage and Biscuits and threw them on the microwave. A Senior alerted Carringer to Smith's action. Carringer went and got her Sausage and Biscuits and put them back on the table while Smith instructed the Seniors to line up while he took his plastic fork and put a donut on every Seniors plate (treating the Seniors like they were Kindergartners). Smith took the box of Sausage and Biscuits and informed Carringer, "Michelle you have been here long enough" and threw them back on the microwave. Carringer took the Sausage and Biscuits and put them back on the table for another time and told him they would stay there.

As Carringer stepped away, several Seniors came to her and said Michelle we didn't know much about you and were going to vote for him. But now that we have seen the way he treated you. We will be voting for you, not him.

After Smith gave one donut to each Senior he stood up and presented a check and informed them he was sponsoring the month of April. He then discussed how he was endorsed by the News Sentinel and its Editor Jack McElroy and how that meant everything to him and to the citizens of the Seventh District. He then made a comment how he was running for Commission, not School Board. Which was an obvious slap at the KC-PACE endorsement of Seventh District Commissioner Michelle Carringer for Seventh District Commissioner. Don't you know somethings don't change, you gotta figure that Robert Lawrence Smith's report card probably always said "doesn't play well with others" (especially women) The other candidate Lillian Williams was not involved in this incident

Hat Tip: Zach, it was great seeing you tonight in So. Knoxville at the So. Knox Republican Clubs Non partisan Political Candidate Meet and Greet.

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jt-halls said...

And, do you know who pays for those donuts? It's sure not R. Larry. I was in line one morning at the Broadway Krispy Kreme when R. Larry came in & picked up 6 dozen donuts. When the cashier gave him the total he proceeded to tell her that he didn't have to pay for them, they were for the senior center in Halls. He told her the Manager had always given them to him before. She informed him that the Manager was not there and if he wanted them, he would have to pay. He reluctantly paid & let her know he would come back & get his money back when the Manager was there.

So, Stick is taking credit for buying the seniors donuts, when he is shaking down Krispy Kreme for free donuts.