Monday, April 19, 2010

A Funny False Admission At The Halls GOP

Ted Hatfield of the Halls Republican Club in announcing the clubs annual October Pancake fundraiser that is held at the Texas Roadhouse at East Towne. He announced that a premiere gala was held recently for the Kenny Chesney 3D movie and Texas Roadhouse had catered that event. Hatfield announced that following that event he got a very nice email from Texas Roadhouse believing that he and the Halls Republican Club had something to do with them being able to cater the Kenny Chesney event. Hatfield thanked them and took credit for himself and the Halls GOP doing that for them and told them to just keep booking the breakfast. As Former Sheriff Tim Hutchison, Republican candidate for Knox County Mayor was concluding his remarks as he was this months speaker. Hutchison said, "Ted after taking all that credit, you really should go to work for the City of Knoxville." Laughter ensued.

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