Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Lies They Are A Flying!

Sources from the old Knox County courthouse has it that I was present at the old courthouse today attempting to get information presenting myself as a member of the media and was asked to leave. First, of all this is a lie straight from the pit of hades. I was NO WHERE near downtown today. I did send an email to Greg Mackay in my capacity as a free lance reporter for The Knoxville Journal (which my role was reported here on Sunday) requesting to receive the two daily emails for early voting. Greg Mackay replied that my email address would be added. I thanked him via a returned email. So, the gossip and lies coming from the old courthouse was all lie.

Remember, this from Saturdays newspaper and this from Brian's Blog that it isn't myself that goes around accosting people. It is others accosting me.

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