Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Foster Arnett - The Truth Ain't In Him

Tonight, the Eighth District Republican Club met and Debbie Cole and Foster Arnett participated in a q&a session. A Knoxville Police Officer asked Arnett about an incident involving his wife, Dottie, last evening where she had taken a Debbie Cole and Tim Burchett signs from private property on Cherokee Blvd. Foster stated that she was removing them from city property. Not true. But the 911 call of Dottie Arnett will be released by by the 911 center on Thursday morning. This was not the first Debbie Cole and Tim Burchett signs removed from this property over the past couple of weeks. This was the second occasion and it is reported and will be confirmed on Thursday morning that Dottie was caught red handed. The 911 call is reported to reveal that she admits to stealing the Cole and Burchett signs.

Also at tonight's meeting, Gary Lawson asked Arnett about a bonus day that he awarded to his employees. Arnett denied it. At the conclusion of the meeting Arnett was presented with a memo in his own signature and he looked at Lawson and said "I forgot about that, You are right, I am wrong." The memo dated July 16, 2009 to All Employees From Pat Sullivan, HR Department RE; Vacation Bonus Day states Everyone recently (except part-time employees) received a memo from Foster dated July 1, 2009, with a "Vacation Day Bonus" certificate attached. Please make sure that you hold onto this certificate. You will be required to submit the certificate with your timesheet to get credit for the bonus day. This bonus day may be taken between now and June 30, 2010. Procedure for taking Bonus day: 1. Receive prior approval from your supervisor. 2. Request leave for this day by filling out a Leave Request Form 3. Write in "bonus day" on the Leave Request Form. 4. Record the 8 hours in the "Other" block on your timesheet. It does not go under annual or sick leave. 5. Ensure the certificate is attached to your timesheet when you turn it in to your supervisor. If you have any questions please contact your supervisor. If you would like to have the PDF of the memo emailed to you, please send a request here.

Remember this is the same Arnett couple that forgot to pay the taxes on their Maynardville vacation home and when it was revealed on Brian's Blog two years ago and the News Sentinel joined with Brian's Blog. He immediately paid them. Foster Arnett, the truth just ain't in him.

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