Friday, April 02, 2010

Knox Democrat Leadership Supports Hatfield in Challenging Hornback

In a surprising twist of inter-party politics, Ted Hatfield who is challenging Brian Hornback for Republican State Executive Committeeman District Six has the signature of Erin Lonas, the Knox County District Eight Democrat Representative on his qualifying petition. Obviously, as a leader in the Knox County Democrat Board of Governors Mr/Mrs. Lonas an interest to see the least qualified, least capable member advance to the Republican State Executive Committee so that the Democrats efforts are easier. Or, Mr. Hatfield is supporting a tradition of advancing the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) agenda. Here is the link to Hatfield's petition, Lonas is # 20. Here is the link to the Knox County Board of Governors where Lonas is listed as one of the District 8 Representative. The position that Hornback seeks is State Senate District Six, which encompasses all of County Commission District Eight.

It is interesting to note that Hatfield only submitted 28 signatures, one was not registered, one was out of the district, one was not completed correctly. So he only had the minimum required number of 25, so the Democrat signature he had was absolutely required. Also, Erin Lonas (not sure if Erin is a man or woman) is registered at the same address as a candidate for Democrat State Executive Committeeman District Six. We have been unable to determine if the candidate is the father/brother or some other relative of Erin. Time will tell.

Brian Hornback said "I have been an active Republican since the day I registered to vote in 1984. I have not missed any election since that time and I have always voted Republican." "I will not rely on Democrats to put me on the ballot." "I ask for every vote in the Republican primary on August 5th in order that we may strengthen our party and not weaken our party by allowing less capable individual to serve in our party leadership."

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