Monday, April 12, 2010

Foster Arnett Spends His County Time Listening to Tape of Election Commission Meeting

Sources from the Knox County Election Commission have informed Brian's Blog that Foster Arnett, Jr came to the Election Commission office to listen to the audio recording of Friday's Election Commission meeting. Not a wise use of Foster's county time.


Anonymous said...

Politicians are so childish. Heard a rumor that most media in town have requested a copy of the tape and that 1/2 the courthouse has heard it. Sad that so many good republicans stoop to making fun of other republicans.

Brian Hornback said...

Thanks for the rumor. I have sent an open record request for a copy and to inspect the list of individuals/entities that have listened or reviewed the tape. So, we will see if your rumor is accurate. I would agree that Politicians are childish. That is why I have committed my life to the role of public servant, with an eye toward using this blog to provide the details of the game.